Benefit from aggressive and flexible payouts

Camspower Lifetime

Earn up to 60% Lifetime Revshare on all revenue generated per new member.

Total RevenueGenerated by referred clients ($) Payout percentage
< 1 400 20%
≥ 1 400 25%
≥ 21 000 30%
≥ 28 000 40%
≥ 56 000 50%
≥ 105 000 60%

Camspower Whitelabel

Earn up to 30% commission on all revenue generated by your users for life.

With our domain based tracking, all sales are credited on your Whitelabel site (except those made by members referred via PPS).

Total RevenueGenerated by referred clients ($) Payout percentage
< 700 22%
≥ 700 24%
≥ 1 400 25%
≥ 7 000 27%
≥ 21 000 30%

Camspower PPS

Earn money instantly for each new customer that you bring! You no longer have to wait months to earn big. We offer 2 type of PPS.

Fixed PPS (GEO based) For every new client that generates its first transaction (discovery offer $1 excluded), earn a high PPS payout, regardless the pack amount selected (small or big). Payout varies based on 3 georgraphical zones
- France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland: $150
- Other countries within European Union, plus United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand: $100
- Other countries outside the European Union: $33

Variable PPS For every new client, earn a steady 80% on the amount of the first purchased pack (France, The Netherlands, Belgium) and 50% for all other countries (excluding the discovery offer of $1).

Camspower 35% Flat Revshare (Germany)

This is a special promotional program for all affiliates who want to earn big money on German traffic.
Earn a huge 35% true lifetime RevShare on every NEW client that makes a transaction from Germany, regardless of whether you promote our brand or a white label.
Right from the very first German purchase you earn a flat 35% on every transaction (Net VAT), even if your original payout was set otherwise.
This payout applies only to NEWLY referred German IP users.
On transactions coming outside of Germany, still our normal payout rates apply (ex: Lifetime Revshare, White label, PPS or CPL)


Referring affiliates to CamsPower is a nice way to increase your earnings.

We offer 2 webmaster referral programs:

10% referral commissions during 12 months
3% referral commissions lifetime

Referring models to is a nice way to increase your earnings.

We offer 2 models referral programs :

10% referral commissions during 12 months
5% referral commissions lifetime

Camspower Cross sales

On top of our Cam payout programs above, CamsPower pays you commissions on other services if your traffic converts on one of them (Dating, VOD, Sexshop).

These commissions will be added on top of your Cams commissions. Below, you will find the payout detail for each of those services.

Product Payout percentage
Dating 30%
VOD 30%
Store 20%

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